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Year in Review

by David Trumbull

December 31, 2009

Recently Massachusetts Republican Party chairman Jennifer Nassour compiled a list of the accomplishments, in 2009, of the Democratic administrations and legislative majorities on Beacon and Capitol Hill Some of the low-lights include:

    1. Government-run health “care.”

    2. Massachusetts’ tradition of federally indicted Democratic politicians.

    3. Massachusetts Sales Tax 25% increase.

    4. A cash-in-shirt-stuffing state senator

    5. A hit-and-run state senator.

    6. Discredited transportation secretary.

    7. Hypocritical reversal of our U.S. Senate succession law.

    8. Rampant stimulus waste.

    9. Unemployment rate in Massachusetts hovering at 9%.

    10. “Disappointment Deval” (i.e. increased property taxes, Marian Walsh, new Cadillac car, etc.)

There is no doubt that our state and our country are headed in the wrong direction, and too much power in the hands of Democrats has led to reckless spending and waste, higher taxes and corruption.

Consider their record on national security. According to James Jay Carafano, senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, “Since 2001, there have been 28 failed terrorist attacks against the U.S. That averages out to about three foiled attempts per year. That was until this year. This year there were six failed attempts—the most any year.”

A year into the Obama Administration, do you feel safer, or less safe, than you did during the Bush Administration? Do you feel more, or less, secure in you job since the Democrats took over? Are you more, or less, confident that you will continue to be able to enjoy access to the best health care in the world at a price you can afford?

It’s time to capitalize on our political opportunities in 2010 and send Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate!

Here’s another top-ten list from the Mass. GOP -- Why Martha Coakley Doesn't Want A One-on-One Debate with Scott Brown.

    10.) She thought the election ended when she won the Democrat primary.

    9.) There is no "lifeline" to her sister overseas when it comes to foreign policy questions.

    8.) Because “Higher Taxes and More Spending” is not exactly a good campaign motto.

    7.) She’s tired of asking herself: “What would Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi do?”

    6.) She’ll have to explain why her own office budget went up while crucial services have been cut.

    5.) Has no good reason for why she looked the other way on political corruption in Massachusetts.

    4.) Too busy calculating all the lost jobs that will occur because of her support for cap-and-trade.

    3.) She’s proofreading Governor Patrick’s new book about leadership during a fiscal crisis.

    2.) She doesn’t want to get bogged down with trivial details on how the healthcare bill will raise taxes and increase government spending.

    1.) Coakley would prefer to meet directly with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

[David Trumbull is the chairman of the Boston Ward Three Republican Committee. Boston's Ward Three includes the North End, West End, part of Beacon Hill, downtown, waterfront, Chinatown, and part of the South End.]