The following article was published in the fall 1999 issue of the Massachusetts Republican Liberty Caucus Newsletter.

Flat Tax? Fat Chance, Unless YOU Help Make it Happen

by David Trumbull

Americans work too long, paying for bloated and intrusive government. Our tax system is too complex; it penalizes unfairly those who work hard and invest.

The FLAT TAX, a single rate national income tax--so simple that the typical individual could file on a postcard-sized form--is an idea whose time has come. Pro-freedom Republicans ought to jump on the flat tax bandwagon. Most Americans already support our principles of less government interference and equal treatment of all citizens--they support the flat tax.

Don't make the perfect the enemy of the good

Republican Presidential candidate Alan Keyes would replace the income tax with a national sales tax. This plan to rid us of an inquisitorial IRS is unlikely to be achieved any time soon. Repealing the 16th Amendment that created the IRS requires two-thirds support in both house of Congress, plus the approval of 38 state legislatures. That is the only way to drive the stake through the heart of the IRS. Short of that, a national sales tax would be an addition to, not a replacement for, the income tax.

The flat tax proposal, of all tax reform schemes, enjoys the widest popular support and requires, to become law, merely passage in the Congress and Presidential assent.

Liberty Republicans Must Keep the GOP on Track

Although our 1996 Republican Party Platform called for a new "flatter, fairer, and simpler" tax system, the Republican majority Congress has not passed a flat tax bill. Our leading candidate for President, George W. Bush, has not declared himself in favor of the flat tax, nor has candidate John McCain.

If the candidates are not willing to push the issue, then we must push the candidates and the Congress. Massachusetts Republican Liberty Caucus members must run and get elected as delegates to the Republican National Convention next year in Philadelphia. They must go prepared to fight to strengthen the flat tax plank in the Party Platform. Once every four years, at the National Convention, the Party defines itself through its platform. We must not lose this opportunity to define ourselves as the Party of economic freedom.

Bay State Republicans will elect 30 delegates and 30 alternative delegates at caucuses held in each of the ten congressional districts in the state. The caucuses will be held within two months of the March 7 Presidential Primary. The Republican State Committee will announce the specific dates when we are closer to the time for the caucuses. Anyone who is a registered Republican (as of February 12, 2000) may vote or stand for election at the caucus to select delegates.

We must be very clear on this. All registered Republicans are eligible electors at the caucus, not just the ward, town, or state committee members. The establishment Republicans shy away from issues, but the grass roots strongly supports the flat tax. Under the caucus rules, if we get enough of our people to the caucuses, we shall elect a pro-flat tax delegation. A Republican Liberty delegation would frame the party platform, and define the Republican Party for the next four years.

If you have questions about how to become a delegate or how to organize a group to attend your district caucus, contact me by e-mail at or telephone (617) 876-6004.